Welcome to Zlides

Zlides is designed to empower people to design pro presentation slides that inspire your audiences.

Zlides is designed to empower people to design pro presentation slides that inspire your audiences. It’s created to make your story more exciting and engaging. It’s used by individuals, startups, and companies. It’s simple, neat, and customizable, and it helps you effectively deliver great presentations.

Zlides lets you create the best content

Zlides is an all-in-one presentation kit. Content is king. We know the importance of organizing content that is comfortable to read and memorable. All your content will look professional at any given time and place.

You can always personalize the structure and display presentation slides in the most appropriate order without obstacle. Zlides is making your life easy.

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Zlides is design and visually oriented

You don’t have to be a designer. You can use our drag and drop elements to design professional presentations. Every element you see on Zlides is easy-to-edit and 100% customizable. We help you visualize content with the right icons, charts, and images.

Zlides will ensure that your slides look great on any screen size and are compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. (Canva is coming soon!)

Zlides makes your story compelling

Zlides aggregates everything you need to deliver a great pitch. Our mission is to unleash the best tips to make your presentations exciting and engaging. With Zlides, you can gain visibility, closing fund for startups, and win customers.

It’s more than just a presentation kit, it’s a collective engine that makes your presentation a success. Zlides is the place to create awesome presentations!

Why we created Zlides

We believe that everyone can pitch. But not everyone can use visual content to perfect a great story. We have witnessed tens of thousands of presentations by entrepreneurs, startups, salespeople, etc. It’s easy to mess up a presentation, but you can change it.

Obviously, a great presentation is more than just putting everything on PowerPoint or Google Slides. It’s not ideal to copy the legendary pitch deck that people succeeded 10 years ago.

How can we change it? We know what makes presentation matter, so we created Zlides for anyone. You can create your own — a great presentation!

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Zlides is created to everyone. Presentation design for great ideas. Follow us on InstagramPinterest, and LinkedIn for more updates.